About me

Annette Krop Benesch

I have been fascinated by nature and science since early age. I wanted to know how things work and what happens inside organisms. Some of my knowledge came from books and TV, but I also wanted to observe and experience myself. I wanted to work with animals, travel to distant jungles, and meet interesting people.

There have been some obstacles in my way. Physic with all its equation seemed far to complicated to understand. If I had questions that didn't fit my teacher's view on the world, I was ignored or ridiculed. But when I started to study biology, things were different. Physics wasn't exclusively about equations, it was about processes. It hepled me understand how organisms work. And technology was a great tool to answer my research questions. I often sat down with engineers and physicists, learning from each other. Research was fun, I got the chance to travel to exciting places, and got into close contact with a lot of animals. But something was missing: the contact to those we do the research for - other humans.

My career in science communication wasn't really planned. I had done some stuff during my PhD, and I had always liked to talk and write about science. Then I got a job as communication coordinator for a project on light pollution. Suddenly my horizon widened. Not only did I get to work about biology, but on physics, astronomy, technology, urban planning, public safety, culture, and many more aspects. I seized the opportunity and started a life as lecturer, author, and consultant. No matter what age or knowledge, I want to open people's mind for science and motivate them to learn new things. An important part of my work is to give new impulses on how to raise our quality of life and how to conserve our environment.

I am motivated by many things: I enjoy explaining things to people, especially if they are new to them or if they have troubles to understand. Sometimes I can help people who suffer from artificial light. And last but not least there is a very personal motivation, my two children Benjamin and Viviane, who teach me that even complicated things can be explained and whose future I want to protect, because science and good communication are vital for a high quality of life.